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We’re lempire.


A team of passionate people with entrepreneurial mindsets
on their way to building a bootstrapped unicorn.

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CEO & Co-Founder

Tries to make everyone believe that his name is Giorgio. He has hidden skills that involves his feet and he’s definitely a morning person. Actually, the only serious thing about him is his mission: to help 1,000,000 entrepreneurs build and grow a profitable business by 2025.


Head of Business Development

First sales hire at lempire, she’s the only one who can do more pull-ups than Guillaume - all the others have disappeared since. As a travel buff, she lives in a suitcase and is always on the move.


Head of Customer Success

Unlike Vuk, she's definitely not chill - except when it comes to kittens and customers. Works 5 days a week and parties 3 days a week. So yeah, somehow manages to have 8 days a week.


Head of Video

The man who scaled the Video team as fast as the Sales team and who conquered 1/4th of the lempire office to build his video studio. Erwan is secretly bringing the cinema to the B2B world thanks to his panpipes.